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Are you planning to travel to Europe, or seeking medical treatment?

Are you a businessman planning to visit a country in Europe?

Or maybe a tourist?

About us

ZolZain is a global service company for foreign guests such as businessmen, tourists and guest patients, with the latter particularly in focus. We offer a comprehensive range of services, which is tailored to the needs of different target groups and intended to facilitate the stay in Germany for our clients.

ZolZain Quality

The establishment of seeking a corporate concept using different integrated services Represents the exact knowledge of customer requirements. The shareholder, co-founder and branch heads form a multicultural team, which mastered the language and culture of the customers. The team knows the German market and some of the European market aswell and Malthus Guaranteeing best and optimum fulfillment of customer wishes.

The company's departments

  • Tourism

    Enjoy travel with us in Germany


Enjoy travel with us in Germany

Health Care Tourism


business solution

make us lead and grow your businuse



Furnished apartments

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Car Rental

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Dr . Omar Hamid Hassan

Medical Consultant and Regional Director for Africa and the Middle East

Ali Osman

Regional Director of the State of Bavaria - Germany

Khaled Zain Elabidine

Customers Service

Dr . Omar Hamid Hassan

Medical Consultant and Regional Director for Africa and the Middle East

Zolzine History

في السنة اللتي تليها انضم المدير الحالي لولاية هسن بالخدمات التالية :

• مساعد أعمال المكتب للترجمة انجليزي ألماني – ألماني انجليزي في لايبزغ

• ترجمة فورية في مؤتم لايبزيغ العالمي

• ترجمة في المؤسسات والدوائر الحكومية

• ترجمة ملتميديا مع ليمان AG

• خدمات تمريض مع G&M

• مترجم في القيصلية الإماراتية في ميونخ

• مترجم في دانا للخدات

• مشرف تنفيذي في مكتب تسهيل الدولي للتأشيرات الى المملكة العربية السعودية


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  • T1: +49 152 216 167 72 - T2: +49152345792 40

  • info@zolzain.com

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